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If booking online and preferred dates/times not available please contact via telephone or email as there may be further available clinic slots not listed.

*NOTE COVID health care risk assessments apply meaning restrictions with accompanying guests.

**Face coverings must be worn

3D 4D / Growth Scan

In light of current Covid health restrictions we are currently unable to offer a complimentary re-scan and unable to offer take away colour photos inclusive. All colour 3D4D images saved to USB for keepsake to take away.

24 – 32 weeks of pregnancy
  • 30 minute appointment
  • 2D Growth, Well Being & Presentation scan (with optional Gender Opinion) with 3D still + 4D moving images NEW HD Images!
  • Written report
  • Moving and still images saved to USB
  • B&W prints
  • 2 x colour Gloss prints
  • 1 x keyring

* One complimentary re-scan in the event the primary purpose of the scan is not fulfilled
** Professional Gender opinion 99% accuracy from 16 weeks of pregnancy

Was £110 : OFFER PRICE £88.00

Baby Growth Scan

Presentation / Growth Scan

24 weeks to term
  • 20 minute appointment
  • 2D ultrasound assessment of fetal wellbeing, growth and presentation, measurement of placental function  (Umbilical Artery Doppler flow) from 28 weeks
  • Complimentary 3D 4D peak of baby 
  • B&W images
  • Written report

Only £80

Baby growth scan

Growth Scan / Gender

The primary purpose of this scan has changed to reflect COVID health guidelines.                   We aim to offer the gender opinion (if required) however we are unable to offer a complimentary re-scan.

16 -24 weeks of pregnancy
  • 20 minute appointment
  • 2D ultrasound assessment of Fetal wellbeing, growth and professional Gender opinion
  • B&W images
  • Written Report

* One Complimentary re-scan in the event the primary purpose of the scan is not fulfilled
**  Professional gender opinion 99% accuracy from 16 weeks of pregnancy


Only £69 OFFER Only £58.00

Baby reassurance scan

Reassurance Scan

14-24 weeks of pregnancy
  • 15 minute appointment to simply offer reassurance by assessing fetal wellbeing on 2D scan
  • B&W images
  • Written wellbeing report
* Fetal growth/Gender not included

Only £50

Group B Strep

Group B Streptococcus (GBS)
Enriched Culture Medium (ECM) Test
(plus/minus Fetal Growth and wellbeing scan)

35 weeks to term

  • 30 minute appointment

  • Swab tests to screen for the presence of harmful bacteria that can cause life threatening infections in newborn babies, screening not currently offered routinely within the NHS

  • 2D ultrasound assessment of fetal growth, wellbeing and presentation with fetal doppler ultrasound assessment of placenta

  • Consultation

  • Results direct within three – five working days

* Fetal growth scan not offered with GBS Test alone price
** Professional Gender opinion and 3D scan not included

Only £110

Combined GBS Test with full 2D Fetal Growth, wellbeing and presentation Scan
(Only £39 GBS test alone)

Anomaly Scan

Anomaly Scan

19-24 weeks of pregnancy

  • 30-40 minute scan appointment

  • 2D ultrasound scan assessment of fatal anatomy and growth

  • Optional professional gender opinion

  • Optional 3D/4D preview

  • Black and white images

  • Written report

* One Complimentary re-scan in the event the primary purpose of the scan is not fulfilled
** Professional gender opinion 99% accuracy from 16 weeks of pregnancy

Only £140

NIPT / Harmony Scan
NIPT / Harmony logo

NIPT / Harmony (Non Invasive Prenatal Test) plus Scan

10 weeks of pregnancy onwards 

  • 30 minute scan appointment

  • 2D Ultrasound assessment of fetal wellbeing and growth along with a blood test to test for Downs Syndrome and other genetic conditions. As yet not currently routinely offered within the NHS.

  • Written Report

  • Black & white images

  • Consultation and results personally within 5 days

* One Complimentary re-scan in the event the primary purpose of the scan is not fulfilled
** Professional gender opinion 99% accuracy from 16 weeks of pregnancy

Only £395.00

Dating scan

Early Pregnancy / Dating Scan

6-14 weeks of pregnancy *(or a minimum of two weeks following a first positive pregnancy test)

  • 30 minute appointment

  • 2D Transabdominal Scan (transvaginal scan may be offered/required – particularly if under eight weeks) to assess fetal location, viability, gestation and assessment

  • Complimentary re-scan if unable to complete the above objectives at first scan 
  • Written report

  • Black and white images

Option to purchase Keepsake USB at this scan for recording images at this and future scans. Price from £10. Please advise the Sonographer at the time of your scan.

Only £90.00

Well women pelvic scan

Well Woman / Fertility Pelvic Scan

  • 20-30 minute appointment

  • Transvaginal Ultrasound scan offered to women of child bearing age (pre-menopausal) to assess the uterus, ovaries and pelvis *must be aged 16 and over

  • Written report (copy to GP if required)

Only £90.00

We stock an exciting variety of optional extras
to purchase at your appointment:

Small Heartbeat Bear*£19.99
Large Heartbeat Bear*£26.99
1gb USB£10.00
Colour Photo£5.00
Fridge Magnet£5.00
Mini confetti canon£7.99 (3 for £20)
Medium confetti canon£14.00
Large confetti canon£16.00
Extra large confetti canon£19.99
Gender reveal scratch cards (pack of 12)£5.00
Assorted Photo frames (from)£5.50

Please note that as of 1st April 2018, a non-refundable deposit of £20.00 will be required on all bookings.

Please contact us to book your scan if multiple pregnancy as we shall allow extra scan time (£20 Supplement for multiple pregnancy scans >14 weeks)


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