What are we, who are we and what do we do?

Working as a Midwife for over 20 years I have always taken pride in my role, being with women, and their families at the most privileged time of their lives, embarking upon parenthood. For some it is more of a bumpy journey than others. I have seen joy, and sadly tragedy and sadness however I have always felt humbled to be a part of their lives at such a special time.

In all my experiences the key to supporting women and families is time, compassion and support. While this cost nothing unfortunately time is a huge constraint, for us all with busy lives and certainly within a busy NHS setting. Expectancy Scanning Studios was created with ‘time’ and ‘individualised care’ in mind. We created the clinic to primarily provide ultrasound scans in pregnancy. Clients can self–refer to attend for a pregnancy ultrasound scan from all stages of pregnancy from 6 weeks to birth, to offer visual reassurance that the pregnancy is developing well and bonding for the lady and her family and friends.

How are we different?

We LOVE what we do! I can honestly say every day in the clinic is an honour and a pleasure. Whilst we have developed our services to offer pregnancy scans prior to pregnancy (fertility scans), and the introduction of blood tests, pre-natal fetal anomaly testing, one thing has remained the same – our time and commitment to our families. We will always offer extended appointment times, longer than any other local clinic.

We are not a franchise, whilst we offer a clinical service that is excellent and follows strict health regulatory guidance, we are flexible and are not led by ‘suits’ whom have finances and targets as the focus of the business! We always have the personal needs of you…the client first and foremost. Clients feel comfortable to ask questions and will always happily pick up the phone and call with any query, and we always answer. Day or night, 24/7. Clients feel reassured in the knowledge any support and information given is based on my midwifery knowledge and that they will be referred when appropriate.

Our families know that when they attend the focus is on them. On first arrival to the clinic they realise we are there for them, and themselves alone. And even if they are attending with worries, for example early pregnancy concerns, and sadly the results of the scan are not good, they are supported personally throughout the next stages of their care, even weeks following with personal calls and follow up. And they return to us. We love this, we feel privileged to see many families smile again and have happy outcomes, and a rainbow following a storm.

We are always striving to improve our service and commitment to our clients, our sole purpose of the clinic is ‘client first’. It’s the only reason we do what we do, to offer support and ensure our families leave feeling special, supported and happy they chose to come along and see us J

We take pride in continually striving to improve our services and continually ask for feedback and improvements to achieve a continually high standard of care, our recent client feedback satisfaction survey revealed all our clients that attended were happy with our service and care, with over 98% of clients rating as ‘OUTSTANDING’


Expansion & growth.

We now have extended the clinic with the addition two fantastic and lovely front of house assistants, Emma & Emma (the name is not a requirement of the role lol) and both have been a wonderful asset to the ethos and values of the service. They show compassion and empathy and both their beautiful personalities are an asset to the clinic. They too understand that whilst a client may initially look on a search engine to find a baby scan and numerous clinic will appear, we feel we stand out from the crowd in offering such a special individualised service that goes above and beyond. We have the added support of Emily, our PA from Pink Spaghetti PA services helping us BIG TIME with our ongoing ‘to-do’ lists!

Celebrating success!

Our reward for what we do is simple, we receive great joy in seeing families complete, families happy after a sometimes rough journey, and families returning to us, that’s why we do what we do. However, we were so excited this year to be nominated and finalists in both the Kent Women in Business Awards, and recently the (ibak) Independent Business Awards Kent.

Business awards are a wonderful testament to all local independent business whom like us made the choice to step out of the comfort zone, be individual and to provide a local business service that is different and unique. Not following a trend but putting the service user first and foremost. Being chosen as finalist of any award is an amazing achievement, and at the recent ibak awards it was truly humbling to be surrounded by so many inspiring local business all worth of being recognised for the amazing work they do.

Finalists are judged by independent judging panel, all are awe inspiring successful business men and women in their own rights. Each category is individually judged and research comprises assessing business individually with media presence, growth and individuality.

On 10th October 2019, we attended the ibak Independent Awards Kent Award Ceremony on behalf of Expectancy Scanning Studios Ltd as we were proud to be selected as finalist in TWO categories:

Independent Business of the Year & Service Excellence Award.


We were honoured and proud to be announced winner for Service Excellence. What fantastic news, a true testament to our service and a joy for us to receive recognition for the service we provide. The category looks at companies’ commitment to customer experience and we were amongst other amazing finalists. This award has to be one of the most wonderful accomplishments of our business and service to date, highlighting how and why we do what we do.

Business Awards

What next?

We have recovered from our fantastic awards evening and back to doing what we love, being with you all, our clients. And work is beginning to look at how we can expand our services further:

  • Website development and changes: The lovely Pink Lemon Design & Branding is again working with us to improve our clients journey from initial website visit, booking, to follow-up communication developments. Exciting changes!
  • We are all too aware we reach for ‘Google’ for advice and a go to for local information and services but we are hoping to streamline this a little showcasing all reputable local services in one place for women and families embarking upon parenting..watch this space as we have some exciting plans for the new year!
  • Local guidelines and inspection: we have just received our CQC (Care Quality Commission) Regulatory Body Inspection of services. We are pleased to announce initial feedback is positive however we await the formal report and shall announce results and findings to all as soon as received.

Will be in touch soon!

Thank you all so so much for your continued support and for visiting us.

Best Wishes

Amanda & Team J


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